The guiding principles that help us retain a roster of loyal suppliers and customers:

  • We cultivate cooperative relationships with strategic suppliers that focus on food quality
    and safety.
  • We work closely with our suppliers to customize products and packaging for our customers.
  • Our global market knowledge extends from field to production to processing to logistics to inventory management to purchasing.
  • We operate with candor, believing proactive communication is the key to supplier and
    customer satisfaction.
  • When issues arise, we become a problem-solving team, recommending and swiftly enacting creative solutions.
  • Our financial position allows us to mitigate financial risk for our clients by buffering currency fluctuations, extending credit, delivering supply chain efficiencies, offering just-in-time
    delivery, managing inventories and eliminating paperwork hassles.

Our non-bureaucratic organizational structure empowers our staff to respond quickly to supplier, customer and logistical challenges.

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